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We Will be Suspending Classes Due to COVID-19

Dear IPRT community,

Consistent with the government's directive to suspend all schools and universities, including training centers, and based on our desire to protect the health and safety of our community from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we are suspending all our classes and workshops for four weeks.

In addition, beginning from Saturday, March 21 and through at least April 20, the Institute is suspending all in-person classes and are moving to online and other alternative learning options. Students will hear directly from their respective instructors and designated staff.

To be clear, our offices will be open and staff will be working on regular basis but there will be no in-person meeting; only through Skype, and Google hangouts will be allowed. Some of the staff may be working from home.

Again, our staff will communicate with the trainees through their usual methods of communications such as through their Whatsapp groups, our website or Facebook page or even by email. Starting Saturday, March 21, all coursework will be handled using methods other than in-person, on-class instruction. Each course and each instructor will make a decision about the appropriate means in light of the nature of the training. Please monitor your Whatasapps and email accounts.

We recognize that these actions create significant challenges for trainees, instructors, and staff and we ask for your understanding as we respond to this unprecedented public health issue.

Now, more than ever, we will pull together and does what IPRT does best – join forces, find solutions, and move forward, together. I know we are up to the task and that we will emerge from this stronger than ever as a community. Thank you in advance for your support.

Most sincerely,

Abdullahi Hassan Abdullahi

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