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Press Release: IPRT Conducts Town Halls for the House of Representative MPs


IPRT Promote Democratic Engagement through Town Hall Meetings with House of Representatives MPs in Somaliland

Hargeisa, Dec 15th, 2023 - The Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT), in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), successfully organized a groundbreaking series of town hall meetings for House of Representatives Members of Parliament (MPs) and their constituents in Somaliland. These meetings, held in the cities of Borama, Berbera, Burao, and Erigavo, provided a unique platform for MPs to engage with their constituents, understand their challenges, and discuss their hopes for the future.

Commencing on October 22, 2023, in Borama and concluding on November 28, 2023, in Erigavo, the first round of town hall meetings brought together a total of 11 MPs from the House of Representatives, representing the constituencies of Awdal, Sahil, Togdher, and Sanaag regions across Somaliland. The primary objective of this initiative was to foster democratic engagement and strengthen the bond between elected representatives and the people they serve.

These meetings provided an invaluable opportunity for MPs to directly listen to the concerns, aspirations, and expectations of their constituents. By engaging in direct dialogue with the people they represent, MPs gained crucial insights into the challenges faced by their communities and the hopes that drive their constituents' desires for a better future.

Building upon the success of the first round, IPRT and NED are pleased to announce that a second round of town hall meetings will take place in the same regions in February and March 2024. This follow-up round will provide an opportunity to continue the important dialogue between MPs and constituents, ensuring that the feedback received during the initial meetings informs ongoing decision-making processes.

IPRT would like to express sincere gratitude to Hon. Yasin H. Mohamoud "Faratoon", the Speaker of the House of Representatives, his deputies, and the secretariat of the House for endorsing and supporting these activities. The Speaker's courageous endorsement of this initiative demonstrates a strong commitment to democratic principles and open dialogue within the political landscape of Somaliland.

The first round of town hall meetings was characterized by lively discussions, with citizens raising important issues such as security, political inclusivity, infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and job creation. MPs actively engaged with their constituents, responding to questions, exchanging ideas, and outlining their plans to address the challenges faced by their communities.

Through this collaborative effort between IPRT, the House of Representatives, and the generous funding provided by NED, a significant step has been taken towards bridging the gap between elected representatives and the people they serve. The upcoming second round of town hall meetings in March and April 2024 will further strengthen this bond and ensure that the aspirations of the citizens continue to shape policies and decision-making processes.

IPRT remains committed to fostering democratic engagement and facilitating platforms for open dialogue between elected officials and their constituents. The success of the first round of town hall meetings serves as an encouraging example of how democratic values can be upheld and strengthened in Somaliland.

For further information, please contact:

Abdirahman Adan Madar

The Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT)

+252 2 518115

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