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Bill Reading at Gabiley

The Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT) recently partnered with Gabiley National Library to promote awareness of key Somaliland laws. An event was held on 23rd October where 100 copies of the Labour Act and Land Administration Act were donated.

Attendees included university students, young professionals, and members of the public. Mr. Mohammad Dahir, Gabiley Public Prosecutor, provided an overview of the Labour Act and its significance. Mr. Mustafe Hassan, Library Chairman, thanked IPRT for the legal texts and their importance for governance.

The handover marks progress in improving citizen access to legislation. The Labour Act and Land Act address critical issues of employment, urban management, and accountability. IPRT aims to empower communities through civic education and collaborative initiatives.

By disseminating these legal codes, the gathering supported literacy of laws impacting development. Attendees gained insight into how the frameworks shape policy and institutions. IPRT's 25-year partnership with Somaliland helps strengthen democracy, the rule of law, and people's understanding of their rights and duties.

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