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Berbera Town Hall

The Institute for Practical Research and Training successfully organized a town hall meeting in Berbera on October 30th, which attracted a substantial turnout of over 110 youths and community members. The primary objective of the event was to provide a platform for local MPs to address the attendees and engage in discussions on pressing issues. The participating MPs, namely Hirsi Abdilahi Hirsi and Hassan Omar Hassan from the Waddani party, as well as Abdirashid Abdilahi Muse from the Kulmiye party, took the opportunity to emphasize their priorities and make commitments specific to the region.

Following the MPs' speeches, a question and answer session ensued, enabling the youth participants to directly interact with their elected representatives. Numerous concerns were raised during this session, with a particular focus on community development, youth empowerment, and democratic reforms. Attendees sought clarification on these matters and expressed their desire for more effective approaches to address their needs.

The town hall meeting fostered an environment conducive to open dialogue between the leaders and constituents. The discussions centered around crucial themes such as accountability, representation, and the meaningful involvement of future generations in decision-making processes. Both sides actively engaged in the exchange of views, contributing constructively to the overall conversation.

The Institute for Practical Research and Training considers the event a resounding success, recognizing the significance of such platforms in strengthening democracy. By facilitating understanding and communication between public officials and the people they serve, events like this play a pivotal role in ensuring that citizen voices actively shape the democratic progress of Somaliland.

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