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Borama Town Hall

IPRT hosted a town hall meeting on 22nd October to discuss a recent regional resolution and its potential implications in Borama, Awdal Region. Over 75 community members, organizational representatives, and stakeholders engaged in informative dialogue at the event held at Rays Hotel Borama.

Members of Parliament presented an overview of the resolution and addressed questions from participants. A lively question and answer session saw participants share various perspectives and concerns related to development, security and stability. Moderators ensured balanced participation and respectful discussions.

In closing remarks, the MPs acknowledged the valuable contributions received. They outlined the next steps around considering citizen feedback for decision-making. The facilitator expressed gratitude to the participants for their active role in promoting open civic engagement.

The town hall achieved its goal of providing a platform for community voices to be heard on this important issue affecting the region. The discussions will help ensure feedback better informs relevant authorities as resolutions are implemented. The event showcased Somaliland's commitment to transparent and participatory governance processes.

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