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Graduation Ceremony Held for 45 Trainees in Masonry and Beekeeping

IPRT held a graduation ceremony for 45 students who have completed six months vocational skills training in IPRT. The graduation ceremony was also marking the launching of new TVET center that IPRT has been working its implementation for the last couple of years.

The trainees have completed Masonry and bee-keeping in level II upgrading skills. The trainees have also completed one week training in work-safety, basic book-keeping, marketing and interpersonal skills.

The beekeeping training was held in Gabiley, about 45km west of Hargeisa, which most of the trainees were farmers and had previous trainings in beekeeping, while the masonry training had been conducted in IPRT HQ in Hargeisa.

A colourful graduation ceremony was held for the students for the newly mint TVET centre of IPRT in Hargeisa, which will eventually serve as the the Polytechnic Centre for Abaarso Tech University. The graduation ceremony was attended by SOCA, representatives for the Ministry of Education and Science, especially the TVET department, representative from UNWOMEN, trainers, Community Members and officials from IPRT.

The ceremony was opened by IPRT’s Program Manager who welcomed the honourable and congratulated the graduating trainees. The Director of IPRT.

The Director of IPRT, Dr. Ahmed Esa has thanked USADF for funding this project. He has also congratulated and wished success for the graduating youth.

At the end of the graduation, the students have been presented to them their certificates. “The creation of a full-fledged polytechnic has been in the works for several years and will now enable our students and trainees to access full technical education leading to certifications and diplomas.” Said the Director of IPRT, Dr. Ahmed Esa.

Khadar Abdi from the Ministry of Education has talked about the importance of TVET training and expected the trainees for great future endeavors. She has explained how the TVET component is so crucial in ensuring that it contributes to the job creation.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of SOCA, Mr. Hamse Ibrahim has also made his speech thanking IPRT and stressing the importance of USADF program to the youth and employment in general. He also complemented that USADF will sustain its programmes in tackling youth unemployment and encouraged IPRT to make this facility as job incubation center for the youth.

UNWOMEN representative ensured their support and encouraged IPRT and the USADF to engage similar other projects in the future together.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, the trainees have been presented to them their certificates.  

IPRT is currently running session two of the program, which 45 youth are trained in the carpentry and IT, especially in graphic designing. 25 trainees are trained in carpentry, whilst 20 trainees get training in graphic designing. The training is progressing positively on the third month and about to start their placement and their tools of trade distribution on the 15 of May.

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