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Dialogue with USADF for a collaborative response to COVID-19 in Somaliland

On the 21st April, 2020 IPRT had virtual meeting through Zoom platform with USADF for collaborative response to COVID-19 in Somaliland.

Corona virus pandemic has disrupted the lives across the globe. The COVID-19 Pandemic is compounding an already precarious socioeconomic situation in Somaliland. The country is in a partial lockdown. Schools are closed, most offices are work from home and the private sector economic activity, including construction, the largest employment and training partners of IPRT/USADF are slowly grounding to a standstill as imported materials and demand is falling.

The health-care system of Somaliland is ill –prepared for the COVID—19 pandemic. IPRT as a partner of Abaarso Tech University-Daryeel hospital has a large number of USADF trained nurses working at the hospital, which is currently run collaboratively with the Somaliland Ministry of Health Development. The 100 bed hospital has been converted as the first-line treatment center for COVID-19 in Hargeisa, the first one in Somaliland and the only one that is being equipped for the oncoming COVID-19 storm. We are pleased to NOTE that all our staff agreed without hesitation to face the challenge, while knowing very well that we may not have the best infection and safety measures in place for them.

The objective of the meeting was, as a partner; USADF to have clear picture to the efforts and initiatives from IPRT during this COVID crisis and to explore ways of collaborative response to COVID-19 in the near future.

Along USADF, SOCA representative were also in the meeting. The meeting was attended by our Executive Director and Program Manager.

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