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ATU in Collaboration with IPRT Develops Mobile App and Website to Support Gov't Fight Coronavirus

In the beginning of March 2020, the Software Engineering Department has developed a mobile app and a website to support the government of Somaliland in a fight against the COVID-19. As the research and training wing for Abaarso Tech University, IPRT has contributed the awareness materials posted on the website and will also help in training the staff of the government who will be working on the system.

In more features, this mobile app is purported to give credible updates on Coronavirus amidst the misinformation of the Virus that is been spread on various social media, regularly given the public the necessary safety educational tips on how to prevent it and what to do with suspected cases.

The website is updated round the clock, also, the App will help persons with suspected symptoms to report cases to the Emergency center for pick up, without not bothering to give directions to the ambulance. The App will enable the health authorities to send emergency alerts through push notifications to the public. The other feature this app has is, if somebody who had been quarantined sneaks out from his location, immediately the app will send alert to the authorities.

The app also helps to keep track of confirmed cases both local and international, while putting Somaliland on the map.

However, the University is currently collaborating with National Preparedness Committee for Covid-19, to make this laudable initiative work, as this will drastically manage the coronavirus situation in the Country.rastically manage the coronavirus situation in the Country.

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