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IPRT Rainwater Press Release

The Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT) has received a substantial grant from GiZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit ), a German development agency, to install a rainwater harvesting system for rural schools in Somaliland. The purpose of the project is to install complete rainwater harvesting system of gutters, pipes, pumps and high volume water tanks for high, middle and primary schools in a large area west of Hargeisa.

The region is semi-arid with two rainy seasons per year and a minimum of 610 mm of annual rain fall. However, water scarcity is a huge problem especially for children in these schools who have no access to safe, clean water. Water borne diseases represents a significant disease burden in these children whose only source of water is from contaminated shallow wells.

“At the conclusion of this project, children in these schools will have year-round access to clean drinking water, school kitchens not functioning now, we hope will be started to also give these children healthy food. I think this will be a game changer in this region”, says Eng. Rashid Ali, who is heading the installation program.

Dr. Ahmed Esa, Director of IPRT indicates that IPRT plans to install an off-grid solar system for these schools and the surrounding communities. “We have already seen that when safe, cheap lighting is available children in these rural communities study at least 2.5 hours more per night. If we install solar systems in these schools, these schools will additionally become a central community hub”. “Adults and youth who have missed their chance, will now have access to night classes.’ Dr. Esa added.

The project will be implemented by the workshop of the newly established ATU-Polytechnic Institute, an IPRT partner and will employ at least a dozen of youth trained in carpentry, masonry and welding through a program funded by the United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) in Washington DC.

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