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IPRT-ATUPI Plastic Waste Recycling & Road Repairing Project

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Solving bad roads and plastic waste problems in one shot

About the Project

In collaboration with IPRT our sister organization of Abaarso Tech University Polytechnic Institute has built two prototype devices for safely melting plastic waste and converting it to durable asphalt road repair material.

Plastic bottle, bags, taros, discarded plastic chairs etc are metled down, mixed with a very small amount of tar and converted to asphalt like material. The special mix is more durable than traditional road repair material.

A revolution in Building Road Around the World: A smart Way of Pollution Control

- India leads the world and has so far build 21,000 miles of road reducing its major plastic waste problem considerably.

- In October 2018, he first plastic waste road was built in the United States at the University of California at San Diego.

- Private companies are building roads around the world. In the UK, MacRebur is building plastic roads in Scotland.

- Chemical and petroleum companies, such as Total, KWS and Johnson are now helping to manufacture plastic waste for asphalt roads.

First in Somaliland!

Two proof concept projects were carried out on tow roads in Hargeisa. The repairs were successful and have lasted even through this year's heavy rain season.

ATUPI is now building a plant for the production of large quantities of plastic waste. According to our estimates , more than 300,000 of plastic bottles will be needed to produce one ton of road repair material, which represent a HUGE reduction the amount of plastic bottles discarded into our environment.

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