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Hargeisa: Graduation Ceremony for Critical Nursing Trainees & Lab Technicians

IPRT held a graduation ceremony in 5th July, 2021 for 35 students (25 Intensive Care Nursing trainees and 10 Lab technicians) who have completed four months of Intensive Care Nursing and Lab technicians in IPRT. The graduation ceremony was held in Saryan Museum Hall.

The trainees have completed Lab technicians and intensive care nursing. The trainees have also completed Advanced CPR/First Aid Training conducted by California Health Project


The training was held in ATU-Daryeel Hospital in Hargeisa, North Star Emergency Clinic, in Hargeisa, Hargeisa Group Hospital, which most of the trainees was health students and had previous trainings in their respective field.

A colorful graduation ceremony was held for the students. The graduation ceremony was attended by SOCA, the Minister of labor and social affairs, Community Members and officials from IPRT.

The ceremony was also exemplary in conducting safe public gatherings by adhering all the safety measures: keeping distance, distributing masks for all the participants, and applying hand-sanitizers at the gate of the meeting hall.

The ceremony was opened by IPRT’s Program Manager who welcomed the honorable and congratulated the graduating trainees.

The Director of IPRT, Dr. Ahmed Esa has thanked USADF for funding this project. He has also congratulated and wished success for the graduating youth.

At the end of the graduation, the students have been presented to them their certificates. “IPRT including its organization of Abaarso Tech University had been at the forefront in the combat against COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our funding partner, USADF, this assisted us to train a qualified cadre of nurses in critical nursing.” Said the Director of IPRT, Dr. Ahmed Esa.

Mustafe Mohamoud , the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs has talked about the importance of training and expected the trainees for great future endeavors. He has explained how the training component is so crucial in ensuring that it contributes to the health sector.

The Chief Finance Officer of SOCA, Mr. Mohamud Elmi has also made his speech thanking IPRT and stressing the importance of USADF program to the youth and employment in general and the role its has taken in the combat of COVID-19 specifically. He also complemented that USADF will sustain its programs in tackling youth unemployment and encouraged IPRT to make this facility as job incubation center for the youth.

Mr, Hassan Abdi, our lab trainer, Abdiqathar Rashid and Lori Lyles, our nursing trainers had also delivered speech at the ceremony. All of them complimented the relentless efforts shown by the students.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, the trainees have been presented to them their certificates.

IPRT is currently running session two of the program, which 50 youth are trained in the Critical Nursing, PCR COVID-19 diagnostics and Community Health Workers with special focus in COVID-19 contact tracing. 10 trainees are trained in critical nursing, 10 trainees are trained in Covid-19 PCR diagnostics, whilst 30 trainees get training in COVID-19 contact tracing.

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