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Burao: Graduation Ceremony

IPRT held a graduation ceremony on 24th June for 20 students (10 Intensive Care Nursing trainees and 10 Lab technicians) who have completed four months of Intensive Care Nursing and Lab technicians in IPRT. The graduation ceremony was held in Daalo Hotel.

The trainees have completed Lab technicians and intensive care nursing. The trainees have also completed Advanced CPR/First Aid Training facilitated by California Health Projects.

The training was conducted by Mr. Abdiqathar (Intensive Care Nursing) and Mr. Hassan.

Our mentoring Officer had met the trainees along their supervisors and discussed ways of improvement of the next training sessions. The supervisors who were senior nurses and lab technicians were impressed with the skills trained on the trainees. The trainees were also happy on the job training they got from their supervisors.

The trainees were constantly contacted and weekly visited by their trainers to assess any needs from the trainees or supervisors in general. IPRT Placement Officer does weekly monitoring and is in constant communication with the supervisors of the trainees on their respective placed locations.

The training was held in Burco Group Hospital, which most of the trainees was health students and had previous trainings in health section.

Before the graduation ceremony all the staff and trainers they came together for a meeting on Google Meet, and talked about how the ceremony will be conducted.

A colorful graduation ceremony was held for the students. The graduation ceremony was attended by SOCA, the mayor of the city “Burco”, Community Members and officials from IPRT.

The ceremony was also exemplary in conducting safe public gatherings by adhering all the safety measures: keeping distance, distributing masks for all the participants, and applying hand-sanitizers at the gate of the meeting hall.

Students were working on exemplary in conducting safe public gatherings such as distributing facemasks, applying hand-sanitizers at the gate of the meeting hall and maintaining ceremony protocol.

The ceremony was opened by IPRT’s Program Manager who welcomed the honorable and congratulated the graduating trainees.

Our Placement Officer, Abdirahman Adam has thanked USADF for funding this project, which become a beacon of hope amid the despair of the COVID-19. He has also congratulated and wished success for the graduating youth.

Mr. Abdirisak Ibrahim the newly elected Mayor of Burco has talked about the importance of training and expected the trainees for great future endeavors. He has explained how the training component is so crucial in ensuring in increasing the health professionals in the regions which is the minimum compared to the other regions.

The Chief Finance Officer of SOCA, Mr. Mohamoud Elmi has also made his speech thanking IPRT and stressing the importance of USADF program to the youth and employment in general. Mr. Mohamud reiterated the objective of this program. He also complemented that USADF will sustain its programs in tackling youth unemployment and encouraged IPRT to make this facility as job incubation center for the youth.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, the trainees have been presented to them their


The ceremony for the presenting of certificates was covered by MMTV which is currently number TV in Somaliland both online and on air.

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